the lame shall enter first

O'Connor's bedroom


It was probably in this room that Flannery O'Connor, one of my favourite American authors, wrote her famous story The Lame Shall Enter First. I just received the wonderful news that we were awarded a Mediafonds grant to work on a 40 minute film script for the Dutch TV series Duivelse dilemma's by HUMAN and Talent United. A real honour. In America O'Connor's work is much appreciated until this day and often cited alongside authors like Hemingway and Capote, who are better known here in Europe. The Lame Shall Enter First is one of the darkest short stories I have read, and it will certainly be the darkest film I have worked on. Not an easy task. Now that we are given the opportunity to take the first step, I do feel the pressure. Thanks to Wade Bradshaw for introducing me to Flannery’s work over ten years ago.