not many words flow from this week. because there are no major changes in the world that surrounds me, there are the little graces: the smiles, chats at the market, the everburning stars, the setting sun, a burned pizza and a terrible b-film at cine wemtenga which has an outdoor brickwallscreen down the road. sunday i went to a joyful dancing service at victorien's church and he invited gideon and me at his little house. he is living in ouaga all by himself, only visting his family's village two times a year. it is good to have him around our place...we agreed that i will teach him english, while he will teach me french for two nights a week.

as the work is slowly starting, we continue to work on the studio and are hoping that the equipment from europe will arrive soon. we are preparing the script for a series on safety in traffic. lot's of fun to work with the impossible situation of traffic in this incredible capital and try to get to know the humor of this people.

inside me remain some of the thoughts on the distance between people and the impossibility to really know and to really dig the things that surround me, thoughts on the gap between idea and reality, on beauty and it's necessity on it's uselessness and the need to act on the world's cry of pain...but GOD is on the move. i do not know why or even how i know that HE is, but HE touches my heart continuously and i feel and think in a refreshing lightness and joy.